Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I love to read. I have several books I like that I am intending to read again, series of books, I should say. I like Lord of the Rings and I want to read those books again from the beginning book to the end. When I read them before it was as they were published and you forget some of the important details from the previous books. Harry Potter is one of favorites also and I intend to read it again from beginning book to end. I like Beverly Lewis books. She has some newer ones that I don't have. But I can't see buying more books when I have a huge stack of  "want to reads" by my bedside. Jan Karon lives near us. I'd like to read her series of Father Tim books again sometime. You know, I probably won't have enough time left in my life to read all I want to read. I have several shelves of books in my laundry room that I have bought that I want to read. I just pray that my eye sight never goes. The things that I love to do require me to have eyesight. My craft projects require eyesight. The other day I was marking an appliqued quilt to quilt when winter comes next fall. My marking pen ran out of ink. My dear husband stopped by the fabric shop yesterday and got me new pen. The fabric shop owner is an acquaintance of ours from back when we first moved here. She is a school teacher turned quilter and has opened a fabric shop catering to quilters. So now I can finish marking my quilt and it will be ready to quilt when cold weather comes next fall.
Back to Harry Potter. My grandson, for his birthday, a few years ago went to London and I have a picture of him at 9 3/4 Kings Cross. He did not get through that wall though. Guess he did not inherit enough magical powers from his ancestors!
Today is a nice sunny day, even though we had a big frost. The temps are supposed to be warmer for the next few days. I need to get into one of my flower beds and get the dead parts left from the gladiolas out of it. I want to stop by Lowe's today and see if they have lettuce plants. Our garden consists mostly of container gardening. Our lot is too small and too shaded for a garden. We do like to raise some tomatoes, lettuce and peppers though. I usually miss the lettuce plants as I do not start looking for them early enough.

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