Monday, January 12, 2015

A New Year

I keep seeing that people are still watching my blog and hopefully reading back over some of the posts published a while back. I just have not gotten back into blogging. That is one of my goals for 2015.
My computer, which was a Dell with Windows XP had problems. When I took it to our computer tech, he said XP was the problem and they could not help me. So he sold me a rebuilt Acer with Windows 7. He was able to put most everything back on it from the old computer. It is a thin little computer and works fine. I am just not used to it yet.
As many of you know we have our house for sale. We are downsizing once it sells. Can't buy a new house until this one sells. I have been watching some really good possibilities, but can't move on them just yet.
When we buy another house we will be officially retired! Oh yes, hubby will continue his writing, but he won't be having to do a job every day. I hope to get more quilting done after the new house is in order.
We had one grandson get married in September and another one is engaged and to be married in June. Hopefully we will be able to go to that wedding, but it will depend on how the house sale is going.
Real estate is not moving much around here. I keep watching other houses with for sale signs in the yard to see when and if they sell. So far the market has been slow. I read in the newspaper that Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac were lowering the amount of money you had to have on hand to get a loan to 3%. I don't know what it has been, but with income tax checks coming in in February and this lower rate, the market should open up. Hopefully it will.
I finished my Bargelo quilt, but I have not taken any pics of it yet. I am presently working on two quilts. A catheral windown quilt and a Trees quilt. Pics coming hopefully soon.
Have a good year in 2015!

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