Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Long time in writing

It has been quite some time since I have written. I am still quilting, well, I was. I am crocheting. I started a crocheted tablecloth some few years ago. I lack 2 more squares of it and sewing the last 8-10 squares on the tablecloth.
We are moving to Mississippi as soon as we can sell our house and buy one there. That put a stop to my quilting, as we had to stage the house. A quilting hoop was not the place to be. I had been quilting Derek Lockwood's bargello quilt. I was nearly finished with quilting it. But I put the quilt away and put the quilting hoop away. Hopefully if we have not moved by fall, I will get it out again and finish it.
I will be posting along as we have time. Just hoping the house sells and we get moved soon.

Friday, December 20, 2013

My Second Teddy Bear Quilt

I finished quilting my second Teddy Bear Quilt last night. I have not gotten a pic of it yet, but I will soon.

My thumb is progressing. It still has a scab on it, and I have to watch how I am grabbing the needle, but I am learning. I guess it is taking it's time filling in the new tissue.

Last night I started quilting the Derek Lockwood quilt I pieced last year. It is huge. I have not measured it, but I think it must be 110 x 110. I am quilting it on my large hoop frame. It is too big to put in my old timey quilting frames. Therefore it is heavy and difficult to manage, but I will manage it. I am anxious to get enough of it quilted that I can see how it is going to look.

Stay tuned for more coming soon.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

My injured thumb

I did get to work on my future great grandchild's Teddy Bear quilt some tonight. I don't know why but I keep thinking this child is a boy. Call it grandmother's intuition. I thought my first great grandchild would be a girl from the beginning. My husband will tell you I have this uncanny intuition about people. I try not to make my feelings known to any except my very closest family. I can't explain it so I just try to keep it to myself. Except for the great grand babies. So Jared, you might be decorating that nursery a little for a boy.
My thumb is healing fairly well. I am going without a bandaid at home. Just putting one on when I got out in public. It doesn't look so good, so best to keep it covered. I thought this evening when I had a little over an hour, I try the quilting thing again. The last time I got maybe 2inches quilted when I realized I just could not do it. Tonight I got nearly a whole block quilted. I am having to change the way I quilt due to the thumb still being sore. I know now that I can quilt with some improvisions. I just lack 2 blocks and the binding having it finished. Hope to be able to finish it at least the next week.
Happy quilting to you all.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Have Not Quilted

I had a little accident. I should have been more careful. I was slicing carrots for soup on my Pampered Chef mandolin and cut off the side of my thumb. This was not the first time I have cut my fingers with that gadget. This one was the worst though. I could not get it to stop bleeding, so we ended up after about 8 hours going to the emergency room. We have one of our hospitals that advertises "5 Minute ER". So of course, that is where we went. Well, from the time your papers are filled out until you get to go to a room, it was probably about 5 minutes. Then the wait begins. Since I was not the worst patient to be seen that night, I got to wait, and wait and wait. For three hours. I know there were people around me who were much sicker than I was. I could hear them, gagging and moaning. So I was happy to wait in my little, hot, room to be seen by the PA. Just as long as those sick people stayed in their rooms and did not give me a stomach virus.
I came home with a big bandage on my thumb. There was no flesh to suture, so they used silver nitrate to stop my blood flow. Every had that? Don't! This is what they use to put on newborn's umbilical cords. That is powerful stuff. If I had not been a grown woman, a great grandmother at that, and a nurse who has seen it all, I would have screamed! It did stop my bleeding though and I am thankful for that.
So I have not been able to quilt or crochet since. Hopefully I can get back to that baby quilt soon. I  have it about half way finished. When I can't quilt or crochet while I watch TV at night, I get very distracted. Hopefully soon I can quilt again. I have been able to crochet some since I got the big bulky dressing off and am down to just a couple of large bandaids.
Beware of those Pampered Chef mandolins!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Apple Slaw

I got a recipe through my email for Apple Slaw. I had made a winter salad last year with lettuce, apples, and a dressing similar to Italian Dressing but with some sugar in it. This Apple Slaw recipe had it's own dressing in it also. So here goes:

Apple Slaw

10 oz shredded cabbage, I bought mine in the bag at the grocery store. It has some carrots shredded in it.
2 apples. The recipe said Granny Smith, but they are too tart for my taste. I used Gala
For dressing:
3/4 cup mayo
2 Tablespoons vinegar, I used white
1/3 cup sugar, I used Splenda
Dice apples pretty fine, add to cabbage. Mix dressing ingredients and whisk well. Add dressing to cabbage and apples and mix thoroughly.
I did not use the whole bag of cabbage, as that would be too much for us. I diced a whole apple but only used half of it. Then I put about 2 tablespoons, heaping, dressing on it and mixed it. It is a really good salad and will be on our table a lot this winter. I put the remainder of the dressing in a container with a lid. It would be good dressing for other salads.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Another Teddy Bear Quilt

I finished another Teddy Bear quilt this week. It is just like the previous one I made. It is for another great-grandchild coming soon.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 2 of 31 Days--Great granddaughter

This is our great granddaughter when she was about 4 weeks old. She was a tiny little girl at that time. I used to work in the Nursery in a hospital and I should have been used to tiny babies but she just seemed so tiny to me. She is gaining weight though and is getting bigger all the time.
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