Friday, March 26, 2010


Welcome to my blog. I am just starting with blogging. I need a lot of help. This is quite an undertaking for a senior citizen! I plan to show my quilts, as well as share some recipes, and share some things about my family. We live on a very small lot, but I plan to do some flower pot gardening again this year. I'll let you know that goes. Spring is here, along with April showers before April arrives. I love spring and summer. Our daffodils are blooming, crocus have bloomed and are gone. We have many irises coming up this year. Maybe they will bloom better than the last years with our drought then. Our neighbor raked all the leaves from the bank between us. I have daylilies coming up all over that bank. I like them, but the blooms don't last very long. Daylilies really spread when given the chance.

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