Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Little R and R

A small boat coming to be let through the lock on Alligator River. I thought I had missed the pic as my  camera battery died as soon as I took it. The highway across the Alligator River turns sideways instead of raising up like most draw bridges. I wanted a pic of it, but alas, no power.
We arrived at our apartment to find the AC was not working!! It was hot outside!! It was 84 in the living room and got up to 86. We called the owner to see if we were setting the AC correctly. She came up and changed the filter but it did not cool any better. So she called the repairman. This was on Saturday. Sunday when we came back from church and from eating lunch, it still was hot in here. We were thankful there were 4 ceiling fans in this small apartment. We had all 4 running at top speed. We were getting pretty disgusted with it all by the time we went to church Sunday evening. Had decided we would talk to the owner when we got back from church about no AC when her ad said it had AC. When we opened the door, lo and behold, we felt cool air. Well not as cool as we would have liked but, cooler than when we left a couple of hours earlier. She came up later and said the repairman had come and repaired it. It has been working fine ever since.

If you know me, you know lighthouses are of interest to me. This is Roanoke Marsh Lighthouse. It is not the original one, but a replica. It is out in the Sound as you can see. Does it work? I don't know. But I thought it was interesting.
More later.

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