Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Weekend

Our weekend was just like any other weekend---except we got snow again. Well, I guess it was just like the past few weekends. Weather fronts seem to come on 6-7 days cycles. Learned this from a meteorologist in Washington, DC many years ago. He did a lot of weather teaching during his weather forecasts. I really liked his forecasts.

We were forecast for the past week or more to have a white Christmas. So what's new? The weather forecaster we watch most always forecasts more snow that we actually get. I used to think he must be from Florida originally, then learned he was from northern Ohio. Guess he is like my middle son, and just loves snow. When we got up Saturday morning we had a little snow on the eaves of the houses and on the grass in the yard, none on driveways and streets. Our sweet next door neighbors had invited us to have lunch with them and her parents. We had a great time and a good meal with them.

Then Saturday about dark it started snowing again. When I went to bed, I looked out the front window and the streets and everything was covered. When we got up Sunday morning, it looked like about 2 inches on the driveway. Not many cars had ventured up our street--it is a hill. We try not to miss any meetings at our church, so we bundled up in our winter clothes and started out. Our driveway felt like ice. Then turning up the street, it was very slick. I am thankful my husband was raised in snow country and knows how to drive on snow and ice. We slid a lot getting up our street and then onto the one fairly main street that takes us into town. We usually cut across through another subdivision to get to the church building. It was slick, too. Then the road by the grade school is always bad. We were not disappointed in it, it was still bad! Then the main street going into town, had just been treated with salt and it had not had time to start melting. The driveway up to our church building is steep. We decided to go on past it a couple of blocks to a side street that is not so steep and come across some lesser side streets back into the lower parking lot at the church building. We did ok until we got to the place to turn up to the parking area nearest the church building. Hubby slid around a good bit there. We were able to park next to the porch at the church building. I am always thankful at times like this that I still have a handicapped parking permit, and can park nearer the buildings.

We had a very small group assemble for worship. Then when we came home the main street had melted and was okay. We knew our problem would be those side streets we have to go on to get to the other main street leading into our subdivision. We made the wrong choice in the way we went to that main street. But we had no trouble really, just had to go really slow because the cars in front us were going slow. The next main street did not look like it had even been salted. BUT our little street had no snow on it at all. Our street has never been salted in the 25 years we have lived here. But it was yesterday!! It was clear of snow and ice. It snowed a fine snow all afternoon. We decided that with our age and my husband not being able to see so well at night, that we would be better staying at home last night and not going to church.

We have not measured the snowfall. But from where it has piled up on the newspaper box that is right against, but slightly lower than our mailbox, we estimate at least 6 inches of snow. Now this next weekend we are to have temps in the upper 50's to low 60's. This type weather is was causes people to be sick with influenzas.
Stay in a keep warm!!

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