Monday, April 25, 2011

Johann Sebastian Bach

I was supplied with a complimentary copy  by Thomas Nelson Publishers of this book through the booksneeze program. . I took piano lessons when I was a child up into high school, so I was well aware of the composer Bach. This book gave me additional information of his life. Not only was he a great musician, but he was a composer as well. He also taught different instruments not only to his children but also to others who want to learn to play music. Most of his children were musically talented.
He was married twice. His first wife died young after having given him 7 children. He remarried and produced 13 more children, making a total of 20 children born to him. Not all these children lived to adulthood.
Most if not all of the Bach men were names Johann. So they must be  known by their middle names.
Bach lived his life in a small area of Europe. He evidentally came back to the his birthtown and lived there for many years. He played for the Lutheran Church there, as well as composed music for different instuments and taught many youngsters music.
Bach was a very religious man. Most of his work during his lifetime was connected with a church.
To learn more about his private life, this book was a good read.

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