Monday, October 10, 2011

31 dayers: Day 10--Autumn 2011

This is the Lord's Day! So no quilt posts today.
Just dropping by to say that autumn is really great here in East Tennessee this year. We have not really had a killing frost so our nice weather cannot be called Indian Summer. We did have two light frosts last weekend. Our trees are turning reds and yellows. I think the dogwood trees are going to be really brilliant in another week. The red seeds on them are huge this year. There was one on our porch the other day when I swept the acorns off the porch. It was so big, I had to stop and examine it to see what it really was. I guess a squirrel had carried it from our neighbor's tree as we do not have dogwoods in our yard. Maple trees are beginning to turn red. Love the brilliant fall colors.
The temperatures have been really nice. We have had a few really cool days but mostly just really nice comfortable temps. Our night time temps have been in the 40's and 50's for several weeks.
Get out and enjoy God's universe!

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