Monday, October 31, 2011

31 dayers: Day 27

So today is actually day 31. So I am only 4 days late. I do intend to finish this quest, but the posts may be a little late.
I do not like to spread over the internet that we are going to be away from home. So now you know why I could not finish the 31 days in consecutive order. We had our son from Scotland with us for a few days. With two of his children living in the States he spends less time with us, but we understand. We and he and his wife went to visit relatives for a couple of days in West Virginia. Then we went on up to northern WV to a Bible lectureship. Enjoyed seeing our friends as well as hearing some good preaching. We left a day before the lectureship was over and came by home for one night. Then we went to our daughter's house. Our oldest son came and spent the night there also. We all drove over into Mississippi the next day to attend the wedding of our oldest grandchild (a granddaughter). It was a beautiful wedding and the weather cooperated and the reception was outside.
Pictures are to follow, but I need to get them downloaded to the computer first.
I do appreciate all the new friends I have made during these 31 days. Please be a follower of my blog.

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