Tuesday, October 4, 2011

31 Dayers: Day 4

I will digress from posting something to do with quilting today. I had my yearly mammogram yesterday. It was good to have it in "Breast Cancer Awareness" month. I came home with several goodies. Then this morning early I got a phone call from the Women's Center where I had it done. They wanted me to come back in and have another mammogram and an ultra sound. I have had a breast ultrasound before, but it has been years ago at another Women's Center. Needless to say I was really apprehensive, especially since my grandmother died of breast cancer about 50 years ago. Since I have that history, I get a mammogram every year, where most women my age only get one every three years. I told the girl who called to make me an appointment as soon as possible. So I only had to stew 3-4 hours before going to get it done. I had a really nice ultra sound tech. She did her work well. Being a retired nurse, I always watch the screen if I can see it. I saw the area they were concerned about. When she finished, she went to see if the radiologist wanted any more pictures taken. Then HE came in. That scared me! He did a series of pictures. Then he told me everything was okay. They had been suspecious of a couple of areas and he just wanted to be sure it was not anything to have to worry about. That pleased me to no end! So I am good to go for another year.
I guess I was really concerned more this time, because two ladies that we know really well have had to have mastectomies in the last few months. In addition to that our daughter's best friend had a double mastectomy just a few weeks ago.
God is good! My prayers have been answered!

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