Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Season

This is not my door nor my wreath. I liked this picture because it has snow on the wreath and ribbon. How'd they do that? Probably some artificial snow sprayed on the wreath.

Now I would like for you to scroll down to the bottom of my blog page and join the "followers" list. I know more people read my blog than have signed up to follow it. To follow it, you will just receive a notice every time I put a new message up. Easy? Easy as rolling off a log. You will not be sent any emails from me. Nor will your email address be sent to anyone or any salesmen.

Just a word to the wise: If you receive an email from ANYONE requesting that you sent them your Social Security number (you only give this number to the government or your employer), your password (NEVER, NEVER reveal your password(s) to anyone), your banking information (especially your bank account numbers), or any other information that is personal, do not do it!! There is a lot of hacking and a lot of spams out there now. This happens every holiday season, but also it seems to me it is happening a lot more often now. Every day my Yahoo email account catches 40-50 spam emails and puts them in my spam box. Every day I delete them all without reading. One sure give away is their spelling and punctuation. If an email happens to come through to my email box, and the subject line has misspelled words, or incorrect punctuation, that is a dead giveaway. I delete these without even opening!

Also telephone scams are prevalent right now. We have been hounded to death by someone with a foreign accent telling us we have won a lottery, publishers clearing house, and one even said something we had entered. We have not bought a lottery ticket ever, have not entered publishers clearing house giveaways in a long, long time, nor have we entered any other give away. These people have been calling us for 3-4 months, sometimes 3-4 times a day. My husband did talk to them one day and they wanted him to go to Western Union office that we had a "package" there. Of course we would have had to pay thousands of dollars to get that package. And we do not have a Western Union office in our town anyway. When they told me we had won Publishers Clearing House, I told them I did not want a phone call, I wanted to see that big black limo and that big bouquet of roses in front of my house. They have even impersonated the FBI, saying they understand we have been getting this phone calls and they want to catch and arrest these people. I told them how did I know they were FBI and how did FBI arrest and prosecute someone in another country. (I traced their phone number to Jamaica.) He told me his badge number was xxx. I told him I could not see his badge so how did I know that was his number. He told him he'd show it to me when they came to my house. I told him I did not answer my door to strangers. People are sometimes so gullible to fall for these schemes. Please everyone be careful and keep your personal information personal.

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