Friday, December 9, 2011

Smokey River quilt

This is the quilt I just finished quilting. It is called Smokey River quilt. I liked the autumn colors in it when I saw the advertisement of it. Then the name also got my attention. Having lived near the Smokey Mountains nearly all my life, I decided I wanted to get the kit and make it. This quilt was made using 2.5 inch strips, cut in different lengths and shapes. The blue and the orange on the border, of course, was not in 2.5 inch strips. It was an easy quilt to piece and to quilt.
May I ask you who read my blog, to sign up as a follower. I have only 12 followers and I know more people read it that just 12 people. When I look on the stats, I have 40-50 people who have read it. I am not going to write you or anything like that. But when you get 10,000 hits on your blog you have acheived something. I am not nearly that far along yet, but I will be thinking about a giveaway when I get that far along. I am glad you all read whether you sign as a follower or not.
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