Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Poinsettia from Christmas 2010

I have tried several times to keep my poinsettia and get it to bloom again the second year. I followed the directions: putting it outside in the ground in the spring, bringing it in the house in September, putting it in a cool room with no electric light on it and bringing it out in late November to a sunny window where there was no electric light and it would bloom. Well, mine did not! Last year my son in Scotland was showing me the poinsettia that they had kept over and it was blooming again. When I asked what he did to it, he said they had just kept it in a window. So, okay, I can do that. My poinsettia 2010 was a candy cane bloom. I really doubted it would come back as a candy cane bloom. You know gladiolas will all eventually go back to that orangey color. I just kept this poinsettia in a window. In the fall last year, I moved it to the living room window where we get a little sunshine in the morning. We rarely have a light on in the living room, but I do have a lighthouse night light in that room. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that the ends of the branches of the plant looked different, had different leaves forming. I thought that it was getting ready to bloom. There are several small blooms now on the plant. The plant is scranny. It had a lot of branches and blooms on it when we bought it in 2010. So I'll be putting more pics on this blog as time goes on to show how it is blooming. Now I have hopes for the red pointsettia we bought this last December.

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