Saturday, March 17, 2012

Civil War Quilt, Month 12

I have put the Civil War quilt away now until colder weather. Spring came to us right after the first of the year this year. My daffodils started blooming in January. They still have nice big yellow flowers on them also. Crocuses have come and gone. Hyacinth's are blooming. My tulips are 3-4 inches high. A friend told me hers were getting ready to bloom. I'm not surprized. We just have had very little winter this year. The Bradford Pear Trees are just past their peak. Redbuds are blooming. I just wonder about the insect population. There has been no cold weather to kill them.

This is the 6 inch border square for the Civil War Quilt. I pieced 68 of these, then sewed them all around the border of the quilt. One square goes one way and the next in the opposite direction.
This is the entire quilt. You can't see all the blocks, but maybe you can get a little idea of what it looks like. I thought the quilt would be queen sized but this one has to be king size! It hangs way over the sides of my queen sized bed. The colors were mostly tans and muted colors, but there is enough purples, reds, blues, and greens to make it interesting. There is a black and brown binding that will go all around the quilt. I'll wait until I get it quilted to sew that on. And I will not quilt it until next autumn after the weather turns cooler.
I have gotten a couple of freebie quilt patterns lately. They both look interesting. I may start piecing one of them soon.


  1. That really is a lovely quilt, the layout is very eye catching.

  2. Thanks for complimenting my quilt. The fabric is so soft. I don't know if I can wait until next winter to quilt it or not. I like to quilt by hand and it gets pretty warm to do that in the summer time!


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