Thursday, May 31, 2012

Busy Time

I have not written much lately but we have been quite busy.
Went to our daughter's and then she and we went to our youngest grandchild's (grandson) high school graduation. Got to visit with our daughter's-in-law parents and sister. Came back after graduation to our daughter's and spent the weekend before coming home.
The next week was busy. Hubby getting ready to record two television programs. . Memorial day we spent at home, not doing anything much.
Tuesday we and another couple went with hubby to the TV recording. After that hubby and I had an appointment with the hairdresser. Then we all started back home. Stopped at a little country restaurant where we like to eat. Those of you in East Tenneessee with remember the Harbor House seafood restaurants. This country restaurant owner had a Harbor House restaurant here in town about 27 years ago or so. When the Harbor House chain went out of business, he was allowed to keep the Harbor House menu in another restaurant. He opened this small restaurant on a major highway, but not that near any town. We love to eat there when we can. Three of us ordered to Deal of the Day: 1/2 piece of Alaskan whitefish, 2 chicken tenders and 2 shrimp. I told hubby I would swap him my shrimp, as I can't eat shrimp, for one of his chicken tenders. Still my meal too much so I brought home what I didn't eat and had it for lunch yesterday.
Yesterday was my 6 months dental checkup. I still go back to a dentist in my hometown, 30 miles from us, for my dental work. The dentist is a good friend and I guess that make the difference. I got a good report, but have to have a white filling replaced in one of my front teeth. This happens every few years. I was glad it was not a cavity!
Tomorrow I go for my 4 month check up with my family physician. I am not too keen on this appointment. I like my appointments early in the morning, as I usually have to wait for my turn to see the doctor anyway. A couple of weeks ago, one of the girls in the office called and asked if she could move my appointment from 9 AM to 3 PM. I was not pleased, but what can you do? I agreed but I still wish I had my early morning appointment.
We have been trying to get some deep housecleaning done. I have accomplished a few major throw out jobs in this cleaning. I cleaned out a home made chest that hubby's grandfather had built. We had just stored old clothes in it and I threw away nearly everything in it. Now the BIG job is cleaning out the huge closet in the laundry room. We have just put things in it that really should have been thrown away. I can't do this cleaning by myself, so have had to wait until hubby had time to help me. Hopefully tomorrow morning we can start this.
So this is my alibi for not posting. Is it a good one?

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