Monday, October 29, 2012

Our Scotland Trip, Part 5

We have been busy with doctor's appointments, etc and travel and I have not gotten back to our trip. This will be the last part of it.
The last day trip we took was to see Scotland's Secret Bunker. This bunker was in the land of Fife, near St Andrews. It was out in the country. The bunker was built under a farm house. The area looked like a farm, except for the military equipment they have sitting around in the field now. The bunker was made so that the people who worked there would maybe be saved if there was a nuclear attack during the Cold War years. My son and I have cameras alike. That day he had forgotten to bring his. So I handed him mine. I am not a person you likes war things, so I was glad for him to take the pictures. He took about thirty or more pictures.  Frankly only a few interest me. It was cold and really windy that day. When we came out of the building to go to our car, I had to hold on to the building to keep from being blown away.
Well my computer is not cooperating with me today. I was going to put the picture of the house that the bunker was built under, but I can't get it to work.
We were near the town where our daughter in law lived when she was very young. The houses there are neat. They are all painted different colors. It is a seacoast town also, which I really like.
 If I get my computer to be cooperative, I will post the pictures later.

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