Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thank you for reading my blog

I keep watching the number of people who see my blog. I am now over 9300. Thank you, everyone, for checking in periodicly.  If you didn't, I be discouraged and quit writing.
This is a busy time of the year even though our kids and grands don't come home for the holidays. Everyone is busy and so that makes us busy also. Our Bible Correspondence Courses slow down this time of year until after the holidays. Then it picks up again. I think we can see a decrease in courses sent in to be graded already and we are not even into December yet.
I am quilting on my Civil War Chronicles quilt. I have it about half way finished. Will take a pic of it and show you once it is finished. I am piecing the Petals of the Heart II Block of the Month quilt. I have not taken pics of each square yet. Will probably wait until I get it finished piecing. I have one more block to go. It will be the parts on each side of the quilt. Then I'll have to work on putting more material on the sides, top and bottom to make it a bed sized quilt.
I am piecing the Mystic Nights quilt. It is tedious in that it is all strips sewed together, then those strips are cut in different widths and sewed together again to make a Bargolow type quilt. Luckily it can all be sewed on the sewing machine. Quilting it is going to be a challenge.
Hope you day is great.

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