Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Quilter is Given a Quilt

Back in September 2012 my husband was invited to a congregation where we worked back in the early part of our marriage. The congregation was having their 100th anniversary. We really wanted to go and told them we would come. But they were not definite on the date, just some time in October. We told them we were already obligated for a week in West Virginia in October. So when they called back with a definite date, it was 3 days after we would have been in West Virginia for a week already. We did not want to have to stay 3-4 days in a hotel, nor did we want to bum around on relatives as we had done that on the way to West Virginia. We hinted around and thought they would take the hint and invite us to come on and stay with some of the members, but they didn't. So we had to drop out of the festivities. We would really have liked to have gone. We asked them to send us a brochure of their anniversary day. So a few weeks after their big day, our doorbell rang. When we went to the door, it was a mail delivery truck. He had the biggest box I about ever saw in his arms. When my husband took the box, his arms went up, you know, like it was not heavy at all. It was very light when I picked it up. We could not imagine what on earth it was. On opening it, it was a quilt!
It is a simple pattern. It was tacked and not quilted. I felt that the tacking was not going to hold that well, so I am quilting it. I am almost finished. On the back of it is this inscription:
I am really proud of this quilt. It is not every day that a quilter is given a quilt!
I have been negligent in keeping up my blog. Hopefully I can get back to blogging regularly now.

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