Tuesday, August 12, 2014

This and That

This has been a great summer. We had sufficient rain in the beginning of summer. My wildflower flower bed grew and really looked good. Then a dry spell set in and my Black Eyed Susans just look like they have died. I was going to cut them down, but when I tried to break a stem, it would not break, felt like it still had life in it, so I left them alone. Then we started getting some rain along. I have some tall yellow wildflowers in that bed and they started blooming again. I don't know what they are. Maybe golden seal, I really don't know. We are getting plenty of rain now and that flowerbed has really resurrected, except for the Black Eyed Susans. They still look dead.

Our house is on the market to sell. Had good response when it was first on the market, but there is no one coming to see it now. We can't buy another house until this one sells. Hence we cannot move until this house sells. This is a good area to live in. We have good neighbors all around us. We have enjoyed living here for the past 29 years. It's just that we have no family living near us anymore. As we get older we need to be nearer one or more of our children. So we wait. We have no deadline to move and we own this house, so we can stay here as long as needed. I'd just like to get it sold, another one bought and get moved.

Things are happening all around us. Our first great grandchild has past her one year birthday. Our second great grandchild has past his 6 month birthday. They are both beautiful children. Our Army grandson is stationed in Alaska. I think he really likes Alaska, but it so far from Alabama. He has been home twice since he was stationed there. The flight schedules from there to Alabama are terrible. He has about 3 changes to get home each time. He is almost half way through his Army stint. Our youngest grandchild starts back to college is a few days. My, how time flies!

This is just a small update on us right now. Have a happy rest of the summer.

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