Monday, April 12, 2010


We are big weather people. Most of my children as well as my husband keep weather charts or in some way have weather instruments. We got a foretaste of summer a couple of weeks ago when it was much too early for 90 degree weather. Oh, it made the grass grow and become nice and green, the trees and shurbs budded and bloomed. God's earth suddenly became beautiful after the browns of winter. We bought a plat of lettuce to put in our containers. We even thought about tomato plants as they had them already in the garden section of our Lowes. But my better sense told me it was too early to be thinking of tomato plants. We still have all those "winters" to come yet. May is the time for setting out tomato plants. Our local weather man even said last week when it was cold that we were having "Redbud Winter". My grandmother knew all those winters and then some that no one else knew of. LOL
The redbud trees here were beautiful this year. I think they were much more brilliant and full of bloom than in the past few years. Now the dogwoods are ready to burst into full bloom. The daffodils are gone, but the tulips are coming on really well. We have about half of ours blooming. The irises are budding. We have an Iris Festival in our town on Mother's day weekend. I am afraid the irises will be gone again this year before the second weekend in May.
Spring and summer are my favorite seasons. I like to see God's creation wake up from it's winter nap. Our early summer has gone now and we are having typical spring weather--cold nights and pleasant days. With the freeze we had one night last week, I was afraid the azaleas, and those types of shrubs would not bloom. But they evidently were not budded out enough to be effected. Ours and our friends' are coming right along.
Hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy the weather wherever you are, even if it is just looking out the window from work.

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