Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April weather

The past week as been so nice and warm. Our meteorologist says we have broken a couple of records for high temperatures for this early in April. The Bradford pears are just past their peak in their blooming. You can see green leaves on them now. Redbuds are in full bloom. Dogwoods are beginning to show some white blossoms. Our azaleas have good size buds on them. Our tulips have big buds and some are near blooming. The temperatures have been in mid to upper 80's. That is high for us for this time of year. I love spring and summer. I know this warm weather cannot last, it is too early for summer temperatures. The weatherman says it will be cooler the rest of the week, with lows maybe as low as 29 degrees. That is frost/freeze weather! I hope it does not kill the leaves as it did one year not long ago. We will get rain maybe tonight, for sure tomorrow and that cold wave will come in. The windows will be closed again and possibly will have to turn the heat back on. That is fine, I have a new quilt all cut out and a few blocks stitched on it.
Anyone following American Idol this year? That and America's Got Talent are a couple of my favorites on TV. I like to see the talent of the young people. There are some good participants on American Idol this year. I have not picked a favorite yet, but have a few that show a lot of talent. I am pretty certain some of the participants already have contracts signed before they are eliminated. It is not natural to be so happy when you lose for that week and have to sing your Swan Song. We saw a program last fall of a family of entertainers who had lost on America's Got Talent. They were good when they performed on the show and were better when we saw them at our performing arts center.

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