Friday, June 25, 2010

My sons

So not to make my sons feel left out, I must tell you about them. We, of course, had the three boys before we got our girl. They have developed into great Christian men who are married to great Christian women who have borne us some great grandkids, 3 of which have married and have great spouses. How's that for greats!! Our oldest is a successful business man. He has 4 children, all of whom are out of high school, two of whom are married. Our second son, the middle son, who is always the happy go lucky child, is a preacher in Scotland. He has 3 children, two of whom are married and live here in the States. Our third son is also a preacher and a psychologist. He has three children. We are equally proud of all 4 of our children, all 11 of our grandchildren and 3 grandchildren in law. What would live be like without children and grandchildren. Well, when they were all small and all needing something at the same time, we would think what would life be like with just a few minutes of quiet time. But those times pass and we wish we could have them back. The moments fly by too quickly.

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