Friday, June 25, 2010

My daughter

We looked forward each time we were expecting a new baby to that baby being the girl we had hoped for for so long. But, alas, we had 3 boys first. Then that daughter came. The pregnacy was doomed we thought from the beginning, as problem after problem appeared. This pregnacy was nothing like the ones with the boys. Different in every way! But at last after a couple of days of false labor, and then about ten days of waiting and being afraid to go anyplace without my hospital bag, the real thing finally happened. Our three boys had a baby sister.
Now you need to read her post on --Weekly thought, Week 1. She tells it much better than I can. I know we had a lot of sleepless nights and lot of worries during her early years until finally in her high school years she was diagnosed with Nephritis, what used to be called Bright's Disease. We moved to be nearer her while she was in college and to be nearer Vanderbilt Hospital and Dr. Keith Johnson, her nephrologist. He was just the top doctor at that time in Tennessee in kidney disease problems.
Little did I know that I would be doing private duty nursing later with another one of his patients. That day that I first went to his house to be introduced to him and his family, they looked so familiar. Later when he, his wife and I were talking, she mentioned that I looked so familiar to her. He was blind by that time due to diabetes. We kept talking and decided that we had seen them in the waiting room at Baptist Hospital in Knoxville where Dr. Johnson saw his patients from our area once a month. Small world.
Our daughter finished college, married and moved away from us to places her husband worked with the USDA. But during all this time she still went back to see Dr. Johnson in Nashville.
Then came the day she called and wanted us to come and stay with her son while she and her husband went to see Dr. Johnson. He had called her that she needed to come back to his office with her husband. I'll never forget that day, when on the way home she called us and told us she needed a kidney transplant in the near future. We all cried, but knew it was not the end of the world, but just a bumpy ride at that time.
As her blog states she had a year of a pretty rough time, until a sweet lady from their church offered her a kidney! You just don't meet people like that every day.
Even after the transplant problems have arisen. But they have been treated and things are looking up again. And yes, my daughter is the most optimistic person I know. Even when mama was loosing it at times, she was still keeping us optimistic. And to think I raised this kid!! We thank God every day that her life is nearly normal now. Is life ever normal when you have a teenager, as she has.
Read her blog. It will enrich your life, too.
Watch to go, Judy! Hang in there!

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