Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Crazy Mom Quilt

A blogspot that I read each week is At present she is helping us piece this quilt. Each week we have more instructions of what to do next. I am behind. But isn't that the story of my life? I am playing "catch up" and I am only 1 1/2 weeks behind. I took this pic before I added more pieces to the quilt today. The little squares have to be in the correct order or the pattern will be off. I kept getting the squares in the wrong order and kept having to use that ole seam ripper. So I finally got the next row across the top and the bottom and I think I have the side pieces laid out in order. I'll see when I try to attach them to the sides tomorrow. Then maybe I can piece this week's assignment Friday and Saturday and I'll be up with everyone else!
I know it is past iris season. I take pics and then I do not download them to my computer. So when I downloaded the quilt piece, irises were there waiting for me also. They were really pretty this year.  We had had a wet enough spring to make them bloom well.

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  1. Love your irises and your beautiful quilts!


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