Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My weekend

When I was working I had bronchitis/laryngitis every spring. It was terrible working in a nursing home, where most of the residents were hard of hearing anyway, and I could barely make an audible sound. The worst was weekends when there was no one on the office to answer the telephone. There were only two of us nurses working from 6 AM til 10 AM, if we were lucky. The phones would ring off the hook in the early morning. You would be at the farthest end of the building from the desk, the phone would ring and you would have to push that big medical cart back to the desk and by the time you get there the phone would stop ringing. Since I worked in the oldest part of the building, it fell to me to answer the phone on weekends. Seems the other nurses did not hear the phone ring or just did not take time to go back and answer it. It also fell to my lot to make rounds with any doctors who suddenly appeared on the scene to make their bimonthly rounds.
When I would have this laryngitis, it would all I could do to squeak out a hello on the phone and if I had to page someone else to take a call, it was difficult for them to hear me on the PA system. One weekend the administrator was in the office, which I did not know she was there, when the phone rang and I answered it and paged someone. She called me and asked if I needed a receptionist to answer the phone for me. She did things like that to us. For me it made me like her more.
So I said that to say this: it has been 7-8 years since I have had bronchitis. But I got up Saturday morning with it coming on. Felt pretty good Saturday. But Sunday I was wiped out. I don't think I had a muscle or joint in my body that did not ache. I begged out of going to church. I hate to miss worship on Sundays, but sometimes it can't be helped. After Joe left for church I was cold and could not get warm. So I went back to bed. We had thick sheets, thermal blanket and a quilt for a bedspread on our bed. I just did not get warm and was shivering. So I pulled the other half of the quilt over me. I got warm and went to sleep. I woke up with 102 degrees of temperature. I had taken Tylenol as I was not aching so bad. One of the ladies at church said there was a "hot weather flu" going round. I guess that is what I have. Yesterday the temp slowly went down below normal and the not being able to talk started in. I started taking some antibiotics yesterday morning also. Today I can talk better, but still hoarse. Seems like it was basically a 24-48 hour thing.
We had planned to go shopping in a near by town yesterday, but that will have to wait until Thursday or Friday.
I had thought that yearly bronchitis was due to something in the nursing home, something the residents had or some allergy in that part of the county that we did not have in town. But guess not.
Just beware of the "hot weather flu"!

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