Monday, August 9, 2010

Last week of the quilt along

This is the last week of our quilt along. I have enjoyed it, even though it has been a rat race with me to try to stay caught up. I did get the assignment from week 8 finished today except pressing. Now I need to do last week's and this week's assignment and then all that is left will be the quilting and binding. Amandajean is quilting hers in the diagonal. I'm thinking mine will be either stitch in the ditch or outlining each block and strip. I like to use the woven batting and it will stand the quilting in larger segments, not that these will be larger. Just the solid strips. I think I missed cutting a couple of the longer strips, but I'll find out later if I did. I have more material if I did, so that is no problem.
Just a note of newsy interest to my family. I have a second cousin living less than 2 miles from me here in our town! I did not even know he existed!! He is away right now, but we are corresponding via Facebook and plan to get togther when he gets home. His father was probably 2 years older than me. That part of the family moved to Florida so it has just been in the last years that we have made contact again. Seems so strange to have a cousin living so near.

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  1. Barbara, Things are really hectic for us right now and I am behind on the quilt-a-long too ... but, I'll get there eventually! 0:)



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