Friday, August 27, 2010

NC lighthouses

Besides the Roanoke Marsh light house there are really lighthouses on the Outer Banks. We made the tour of each of the three main ones. . The one above is Bodie (pronounced "body") Island lighthouse. It is under renovations at present. They are doing a lot of much needed repairs to it.
Then we drove down to Hatteras Island to see my all time favorite lighthouse, the Hatteras Lighthouse at Cape Point. This lighthouse was in danger of falling into the Atlantic Ocean in the late 1990's due to erosion of the beach it was located on. Cape Point is where the Labrador Current and the Gulf Stream meet. Cold  water north of Cape Point, warm water south. There have been a lot of shipwrecks in this area. So in 1999 the state of NC moved the light house nearly 2900 feet to the place it sits now. They put the movement on the internet and I watched it nearly every day that they worked on moving it. They left the boulders it had sat on and carved the names of the keepers of the lighthouse on those boulders. I thought it was amusing that just after they finished the carvings a storm blew sand up on the boulders and covered them up. They had to dig them back out! It is still the most majestic lighthouse in my thinking.
Currituck is the most northern of all the Outer Banks lighthouses. It is unique in that it is a brick lighthouse and they left it the brick color. It is in some trees and you cannot get a picture of it when you are standing near it. We had to get pics from the road and so we only got the top of it.
One other lighthouse is on the Outer Banks proper--Ocracoke. We do not plan to go there this time. It is a white lighthouse and one side of it is not the same roundness as the other. I had always thought it was not even, but then who am I? But I read that it is not even on both sides.
Now home to look on my lighthouse replicas and nightlights.

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