Friday, September 3, 2010

Wright Brothers Monument

No matter how many times I visit the Wright Brothers Monument at Kill Devil Hill in North Carolina, there is still something I have not seen or remembered from before. I'm sure everyone remembers the history of the Wright Brothers and how they finally got their airplane off the ground there. Kill Devil Hills is quite windy any time of the year, but December is windier than other times. Except maybe today with Hurricane Earl is going through.
We always go through the museum where a replica of their plane is. The actual plane is in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC and we have see it also. One of the volunteers gave a speech about the Wright brothers and their history. We have heard speeches in this visitors center many times, but this one was especially good.
They have a replica of the plane outside now where the Wright brothers were testing their plane.
They have an old sewing machine in the visitors center. I am sure this is similar to the one the Wright brothers used to sew the fabric for their plane. This machine is quite similar to the one my grandmother had that I learned to sew on.
Then the picture of my husband's distant cousin, Charles Yeager, who broke the sound barrier. This picture is not the best, because my flash caused a glare on the glass of the picture frame. 
One more post of our little trip in a few days. We are home and have been most of this week. 

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