Saturday, September 4, 2010

Elizabethan Gardens

Our last day at Manteo, we decided to go the Elizabethan Gardens again. We had been there years ago in September. At that time they had been changing from summer flowers to autumn flowers and there were very few flowers to see. This time we thought there would be more flowers. Wrong again! The summer flowers were about gone and they had not started to transplant the autumn flowers. If you ever go there, take a can of mosquito spray. Mosquitoes really like me! I was swatting mosquitoes the whole time we were there. Alcohol is one thing I have found that will stop the itching from mosquitoes, but of course, I had no alcohol with me. When we got back to the apartment, I started looking through my stash of medicines to see what I might have. Found a motel bottle of mouthwash. AHA! Mouthwash is nearly 100% alcohol, so I rubbed mouthwash on my bites. It worked! I do have the bite marks but no itching.
This is one bunch of flowers that I thought were pretty.
They called this the Easter Egg plant. I thought the fruit (?) actually looked like small yellow eggplants. But what do I know!

And my last picture of the Pamlico Sound. I love to just look at the water!
Now I must get that quilt finished before Crazy Mom starts another one.

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