Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Favorite Movies and Plays

I have several movies/plays that I must watch at least once a year. One of them is "Oklahoma". Our town is not large, 15,000 population. But we do have a well-to-do business man who is so free with his money. He build a really great Performing Arts Center some years ago. And then the town named it for him. We have advantage of some really good musical artists and plays who come to perform in the center. We always try to go to the best of the best.

This year we have seen "Forever Plaid". That was a good one for me because my son lives in Scotland. I was surprised that guys had on white tux jackets in the beginning. I did not know the theme for the play, just knew that I would enjoy some of the 1950's songs again. They were really good.

Then Monday night we saw the play "Oklahoma". It has always been a favorite of mine, so when it was listed as one that was coming to the center, we got tickets. It was performed by Columbia Artists Theatricals. The actors and actresses were really good singers. We thoroughly enjoyed it. It brought in a good crowd of people also, some from out of town.

The Lettermen are another favorite of ours. We heard them in December about 3 years ago. We decided if they ever came back we would see them again. They will be here in February and we have tickets already.

One other group that we are partial to is Mars Hill Bible School's Show Choir performance each September. Mars Hill is a small private school in Florence, AL. Our grandson will be graduating from there this May. Their performance was really good this past year. It was their 10th anniversary and the theme was "Celebrate". They may get to celebrate some more, also. They have submitted part of the performance to NBC and if they win they will be on the Today Show later this year.

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