Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I must thank you all for reading my blogs. And I must start doing a better job of posting! When I look at my stats every day, I am amazed that so many of you have viewed my writings. I have people reading my blog from countries in South America that I don't even know what the country is. Yes, Brazil I know. My sons went to college with a family who are living there. But the other countries? I must get my world altas down and have a look and educate myself.
I want to thank you all for reading. My stats this morning show that 888 people have read my blog this year. I love that!!
I have started another quilt for a grandchild who is getting married next year. More on that quilt later. It is started and as I get time I work on it. As you know this blog was first started to be about quilting, but I go other places with it also.
Thanks again for reading.

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