Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Wow! I didn't realize it had been a whole week since I last wrote. We have had winter in big fashion. A weatherman we used to watch from Washington, DC when we lived near there, said that weather patterns go in 6-7 day patterns. I believe that. Seems like our snows/cold come on the weekend. Not any easier is the fact that our church building is on top of a  hill. It is really windy up there most of the time. So in winter we get the coldest cold there in our town.
The past two weekends have been snowy. Not so much a week ago that we could not go in the car, but there was a sciff of snow on. Schools were closed for one day county and city wide. Then the county schools were closed several days. We live in a mountaineous area and those roads get the snow and it is dangerous for the school buses to run.
This past Sunday it started snowing in the afternoon. The streets were snow covered by the time to go to church, but we treeked out. The driveway up to the church building was snow covered and probably icy underneath the snow. We made it to the top without trouble. Our attendance was really low. We usually have about 100 on Sunday night. We think we had about 25 this past Sunday night.
Monday morning we had 4 inches of snow on. The temperature was in the low 20's will no hope for any increase during the day. It did get up to 24 degrees on our thermometer. The sun came out and the snow on the driveways and streets melted. It was 14 last night night. Hopefully we are going to get some warmer weather before next weekend and the time for bad weather again. Schools were closed county/city wide yesterday and today. Yesterday the East Tennessee State University was closed. This is also finals week for them. The finals they were to have yesterday will be given Friday. So I expect the kids will be a day late getting home for the holidays.
We are thankful for our weather whatever comes. The ground needs the nitrogen that the snow puts back in it.
Have a good day and stay warm!

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