Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Credit Where Credit is Due

Our town is small, about 15,000. We have one high school in town, several in the county. Our high school here in town had a good football team the last few years. Last year they were second in 4 A teams in the state. This year again they went to state playoffs. Saturday they played their championship game to be first in the state in 4 A division.
They played a team from Memphis. I was so proud of our town. The bleachers on our side were full to running over with people there to support our team. Then when they showed the other's teams bleachers, they were empty. I would guess no more than 100 people had come to support that team. We beat them 60 to 12. Our team also made history in that they broke the record for the highest score for a high school football team in the state ever.
I am just so proud of our town and the support they gave our team in the playoffs.

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