Monday, January 24, 2011

Quilted sweatshirt, Final Part

So I now have the remainder of my pics downloaded and I am ready to post the final edition of the sweatshirt.

I laid the sweatshirt on the footstool/chair in hopes to get more of it in the pic. I hope it worked. This pic was before the washing of it and drying it in the dryer that directions suggested.
The above pic is after I had made the loop and sewed on the button. The button is really not necessary, but it does add a little something to the jacket.

This is a closeup of the shirt after it was washed and dried. The instructions said to wash a terry towel with it. I think the rubbing together that would result from having a towel in the washer and dryer is what causes some of the fraying of the pieces sewn on. I realize this is not a good pic and you can not really tell that there is fraying. Sorry bout that. I am not a photographer!!
This close up is better. You still cannot see the fraying, but you can see the stitching. It will fray more as it is worn and washed. I like it. My plan is to make another one. I have a white sweatshirt, that was given to me some years ago, that I have not worn that much. It is a "one size fits most" so it is huge. I think it will work better. The sweatshirt I just made works fine, it just does not have the "give" that you expect from a sweatshirt. When I get the other one started, I expect I will post the progress on this blog. After all, it is quilting and that is what this blog was started to be.

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  1. When you showed the pattern for this jacket, I wan't sure about it but it has turned out beautifully!


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