Monday, January 17, 2011

Quilted Sweatshirt, Part Four

So now the pieces are all quilted on the sweatshirt, that was cut up the sleeve seam and the seam at the sides of the sweatshirt so you can lay it out flat. Well, it looks pretty good. (You know, I need to download the pics from my camera to the computer!! I am really bad about not downloading. I hate to download. I do not have a good pic program with my camera. I used the one for my husband's camera on my other computer, until that computer because it was so old, got too slow to use. It really needs to go to the hospital and get some surgery to perk it up some.) So I will download the pics and get another post on it a few days.
I will say this, since the sweatshirt is finished and I wore it to church yesterday, you really need a sweatshirt that is TWO sizes bigger than you normally wear. I did decide to cut off the cuffs on the sleeves and the band around the bottom because I did not like the way the quilt pieces looked as they kind of over lapped the cuffs. That was a mistake. The length of the sweatshirt is okay. It is a kind of short jacket length. But the sleeves felt too short. My blouse cuffs showed below the end of the sleeve. That is okay with me anyway. With the quilting on the sweatshirt, there no "give" to it. This is the reason I suggest a shirt two sizes larger than normal. Also the pattern said to turn the band around the neck inside and stitch it to the seam where the neck band is sewed on the shirt. I would not do that again. I am planning to make another quilted sweatshirt. I have a white, one size fits all (or most), sweatshirt. I want to get some spring, bright colored fat quarters, for this one. This one, I will leave the cuffs and bands on. I will be more careful in the placement of the quilt pieces at the cuffs and bands. I will not stitch the neck band under either. When I get this one going, I will post the pics of it on this blog also.

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