Monday, April 18, 2011

Home Again

Being away from home, just for a week, really puts a damper on things. I loved being back with people we knew and loved and back in the 70's. We even got to "live" in our old house for a few days. But time has a way of passing on and things are not the same as they were back in the olden days. Our trip and stay were enjoyable in some ways, in others not so enjoyable.
I did get the material for Smokey River quilt. Then when reading the directions for cutting it out, I needed a couple of different rulers. So they are ordered and hopefully will arrive soon. I can cut out some of it, but need these special rulers to finish the cutting.
I am working on the the Civil War block of the month quilt. Pics are forthcoming. I have discovered that I cannot piece a quilt now by hand. I have something wrong with my left thumb, which hurts when I sew by hand. Arthritis, I guess. So the Civil War quilt is being pieced now on the sewing machine. That's okay, it goes faster that way. I think the Smokey River quilt will be pieced on the sewing machine also. I do love piecing by hand, but those days are gone now. The thumb does not hurt when I quilt by hand. It is my left thumb and that hand is under the quilting frame guiding the needle.
Pics will be forthcoming as I expect to finish this block of the Civil War quilt in a few days.

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  1. It was great seeing you and Joe again. Sorry I was unable to come down for the final day of the meeting. Tell everyone Lisa and I say hello. If we are ever down in eastern Tennessee, well make sure we stop by.

    Paul Lasseter


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