Saturday, May 14, 2011

Book Review: No He Can't

The book No He Can't was written by Kevin McCullough and was provided for me as a complimentary copy by Thomas Nelson Publishers to read and write a review about it.
I truly enjoyed this book. Kevin is a talk show host and appears on Fox Network from time to time. He predicted in 2006 that Barack Obama would win the election in 2008. At present his predictions are that Mr. Obama will lose the election in 2012.
In this book Kevin lists the promises that Mr. Obama made to We The People in his compaign as well as after his election and how he has not fulfilled these promises. These  unfulfilled promises are too numberous to mention.
Mr. McCullough is a religious man. The one thing he did advise for Mr. Obama in the book was that he needed to get to know Jesus Christ and follow his Word.
In the last chapter of the book Mr. McCullough gives Mr. Obama ten places that he needs to start doing to be a better president.
I would advise everyone to read this book. There are so many things in it that We The People need to know before the next election and hopefully the unseating of Mr. Obama.

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