Thursday, May 26, 2011

Floral Fantasy Quilt

Last week I finished this Floral Fantasy quilt designed by Derek Lockwood. I love his quilts. All that I have made of his are appliqued. Most of his have a black background. I cannot see to work with black so I always substitute white where he has black. This one I ordered  as a kit. All I had to buy extra was the background material. I got it and appliqued all the quilt. Then bought the backing. I thought I was getting the same shade of white, if white has shades, that I had used for the front of the quilt. But alas, when I started binding it, I realized it was whiter than the front. Oh well, it was all done, so I had to leave it as it was anyway. I had used a batting that I ordered from Keepsake Quilting. It was made from plastic water bottles and was a light green color. It quilted really nice. But when I washed all my markings off, I can see the green showing through. It is not much, and others probably won't notice it. I loved the batting to work with. I think it is better than a cotton batting. It is not all that heavy either. So it is finished and put away for my children/grandchildren to have after we are dead and gone.
These pics turned out a little too dark at the top of the quilt. It is a pretty quilt, if I did make it!
Have a good day.

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