Monday, June 6, 2011

Home Owners

Everyone knows if you own a house there are repairs that must be made periodically. When we bought this house back in 1985, there were a lot of repairs we had to make. Some that just needed to be made, others that were made to make the house fit our life style.

But there are the wear and tear repairs that must be made also. When we bought the house, it had a sundeck off the master bedroom. It was 24 hours of hot sun in the summer time. Not usable for us at all! So the next spring hubby put a roof over it and screened it in. Then there were adjustments to it in the next couple of years. The floor of the porch was outdoor carpet over concrete. I know, I hate outdoor carpet also!! We did not try to remove the carpet, but we should have. We just put rice straw rugs on top of it, then later my braided oval rug that I did not use anymore. At least a lot of the outdoor carpet was covered from view.

Then a couple of years ago, during a major drought for this area we started noticed these lines separating the concrete block wall foundation. Last year it was really bad and we had a contractor come and look at it. It was evident he really did not want to repair it. Although being the good friend that he is, he did not say he would not do it. Just said he did not lay blocks but he knew someone he could get to repair the blocks. So time goes on and he does not come or call. A couple of weeks ago hubby called him and told him he knew someone else who would do it. So he said to see if we could get him to do it. He came and looked at it and told us what he would suggest doing.

So this morning the men came and are getting ready to bust up the concrete. When they started taking the outdoor carpet off the floor, we had a few little surprises. We knew the floor was cracking, even found another crack as we were taking the porch furniture in the house yesterday afternoon. That floor is bad!! But give these guys a few weeks and we will have a beautiful tiled screened in backporch to sit on when it is cool enough.

More to come and pics as we go along!!

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