Thursday, July 21, 2011

Porch Continuation

Basicly our porch remake is in the finishing stages. Just have the painting to be done and then moving the porch furniture back out.
This is the way our porch used to look with the posts that we attached the screenwire to.

This is the side of the porch with sliding glass door and one window in that side.

This is the other side of the porch with the windows installed and look at the floor. They have part of the floor covering down on that area of the porch.

Here is the place where the steps come down from the kitchen. I also have a tablecloth on our redwood picnic table.

The stairs. They made the stair risers less in width and therefore the stairs do not take up as much room.

And the porch swing is back in its original place. The dark area behind the swing is where the stairs used to going into the garage from the porch. It is stuccoed now but will be painted once the painter gets here.
We are ready to get everything painted. The builder also put a ceiling fan up. It is really nice. Now we can drink our coffee in the room and have the fan going, so it is cooler, or at least feels cooler.
More to come.

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