Thursday, July 28, 2011

Time Goes On

I have so many things that are partly finished right now. Our porch room is still waiting for the painter. I know he is busy and we just have to take our place in the queue and wait. The workers did hang our swing, so early morning coffee takes place out there before it gets hot. Today we took one of the porch chairs out there and the end table.

I have the material, pattern and directions for the next block of the Civil War quilt, but I won't get started on it for a while.

I am quilting a quilt for our first granddaughter for her wedding this fall. That takes first priority right now and until it is finished and ready to go to her. Pics of it will be published when it is finished.

Our weather continues hot and dry so most days are spent inside with the AC going.

Hope  your day is going well.

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