Saturday, August 13, 2011

Back porch completion

This is the entrance to the back porch from the back side of the house. I love this! It looks like another dwelling in our house. I think the picket fence banister is really neat!
A view down the outside of the porch from the door.
Our house is split level but it has 4 levels, so it is up or down stairs wherever you go. This shows the new stairs, the new windows and the table.
The swing and the chairs. You can see, if you knew the porch before where they closed up the door going to the garage. It had been blocked off when we put a bathroom in a few years ago anyway. Just gives us more room now on the porch and looks more finished.
Another view from the steps of the door with the chaise lounge and chairs. Don't know if you can see the floor tiles that much or not. I just love them!                  
A view of the picnic table from the swing area. I love the porch even though there is no AC or heat in it. It is a nice place to finish your coffee each morning.         
I need to get some decorations now. Need a throw rug to give the room some color. I have a flower arrangement or two that I will eventually get out there. It will be great when the weather is not too hot or too cold.

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