Thursday, September 29, 2011

Book Review: The Wonder of Your Love

This book was provided to me by Thomas Nelson Publishers to read and evaluate. This books is written by Beth Wiseman. I have not read any of her books before, but this will not be the last one that I read. I really love Amish books and this one rates right up there on top.
The story is about an Amish lady in her 40's whose husband had left her for another woman. They had no children, but after he left she found she was pregnant. The husband gets killed in an accident without knowing he has a child. Her baby is born and she is trying to raise him alone. She has an older friend/neighbor who has lots of money. She gives a considerable sum of money to one of the Amish neighbors and tells her to give it to some one who needs it. She gives it to the main character in this story. She does not know where it came from.
An older Amish man comes to the community to attend the wedding of a young cousin. He is kind of pushed to the main character in the book. They do date a few times. His family is all grown and married and he lets it be known that he is going to travel now and see some of the world. He goes back home and does travel to Florida but he is not happy there and goes back home.
The main character in this story has gotten a letter from the woman her husband ran off with that she is coming to visit her, that she has something she needs some information on. She arrives and is pregnant. She has a picture of a house and two keys that she found in a small wooden box after the husband died. She asks Katie Ann if she has ever seen this house and if she knows anything about it. She doesn't, of course.
Katie Ann has gotten several letters from the attorney who is settling her husband's estate. And since she is his legal wife there are some decisions she needs to make. So she needs to go back to where her husband was killed.
But I can't tell any more of this story or I will give it away. I am sure if you like to read Amish novels you will enjoy this. I certainly did!

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