Saturday, October 1, 2011

31 dayers: Day 1

Oh why do I get myself into these things?? I am supposed to blog everyday for 31 on the same subject. When I started this blog it was for quilting. Can I blog every day for 31 days?? No, I will be without a computer the last week of the month. But I will blog if I can up until that time.

I started quilting when I was in high school. I pieced a quilt which I quilted after I got married and it is worn out now. I love to quilt. I love especially to applique quilt pieces. I always have a quilt that I am piecing and several that are ready to quilt. I quilt them mostly in cold weather. And it is getting toward cold weather, so I am planning to get the batting and backing for my next quilting project soon.

Until tomorrow!!

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