Saturday, October 22, 2011

31 dayer: Day 22--A book review

Today I am reviewing a book provided to me by Thomas Nelson Publishers. The book is Softly and Tenderly by Sara Evans with Rachel Hauck. I had never read anything these two ladies had written until this book. The book has a good story plot. I was disappointed in the book because it is supposed to be a Christian fiction book, but it is filled with adulteries, and unfaithfulness on the part of the characters. You may say that the world lives this way. Well, maybe the world does, but Christians are supposed to be examples to the world and not participate in sinful acts.
The story is about one married couple and their families on both sides. The wife's mother is dying from cancer. She learns about the adultery of her father-in-law quite by accident when she and the mother-in-law walk in on him and his adulteress.  She has a couple of businesses. The mother-in-law moves into an apartment that is over one of the businesses. Then one of her business has a vehicle run into it and she has insurance problems getting the store building repaired. Her husband has been a drug addict, and is heading back to his addiction. She learns that her husband has an illegitimate son who mother has just been killed. He wants them to raise his son. The main character's mother is living with her at this time and realizes her time is about over on this earth and wants to go back to her home in the Midwest to die. So the daughter and her mother-in-law decide to take her--in an old pink Cadillac convertible.
From there all the characters wander out to the Midwest. The mother does die, but more family comes into the picture. That is all I can write about this book or I will give the story away. It is a good book, if you can overlook the sinful deeds these family members have done.

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