Sunday, October 2, 2011

31 dayers--Day 2

Back about the first of the year I saw a Block of the Month quilt in a quilt catalog that I liked. They send you the fabric, pattern and directions for a block of the quilt. The one I really liked was a Civil War quilt. So I signed up to receive these materials each month. Along with the materials they send a story about some woman whose husband had something to do in the Civil War. I have enjoyed doing this quilt. If you look back in this blog you can see some of the blocks and the stories. I see the last that I posted on the blocks was for Block 6. I have block 7 completed and have taken a pic of it. Maybe tomorrow I will have a chance to download the pics and my posting for tomorrow just may be that quilt piece.
My Civil War quilt is now probably 45 inches square. I am at the place now that it seems the blocks I am piecing are part of the inside border. At least the instructions have not told me to join the last two blocks to the main part of the quilt. I am piecing block 8 now. There should be 12 different blocks in the entire quilt so I have about 3 months to go to finish it.

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