Thursday, December 29, 2011

Growing an Amaryllis Flower

I have wanted to grow an amaryllis for many years. My mother-in-law gave me a bulb/bulbs many years ago, but when it came to putting the pot outside, turned upside down, in the summer, that was when mine died. This year I got several catalogs in the mail that I had never gotten before. One was from Plow and Hearth in Charlottesville, Va. On the back they had some amaryllis kits that were not expensive. I called and ordered one for me and one for my dear friend in North Carolina. The description of the kits was that it had three bulbs already planted. You just had to water and put in a sunny window. Okay, I can do that!

The bulbs arrived and were already beginning to show some green blades coming up. I watered and put in a window that gets a little sun and a lot of bright light. Most of our windows are not where plants can get sun. I kept turning the pot every day, and the blades got bigger and bigger. Then there was a huge bud popped up from one of the bulbs. It was interesting to watch the bud progress.
All three bulbs have buds.

The above is a pic of the first bulb and two of the five buds beginning to open. See the middle bulb had two buds about the same size. The bulb on the left actually had a bud coming up behind the bud stalk you can see. Later I noticed that there was a bud coming up in the bulb on the right, but it was not visuable to the camera.
The next day.
The third day. The blooms are opening.
The fourth day.
The bulb on the right is beginning to open. This pic was taken Monday. The bulb on the right looks to have six blooms on it. Each bulb had two bloom stalks on it. The stalk on the left has four blooms that are bloomed out and one still to open. I will continue to take pics every few days. I had hoped all the bulbs would bloom at the same time. That would have been a pretty picture. But this way I get to enjoy them longer. Hopefully I can follow the instructions and have them blooming again next year.

More to follow.

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