Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Considerations

I quit making New Year's resolutions a long time ago. I do like to think as the year ends of what I want to do in the new year.

My first thing that I want to do, is to continue reading the Bible through in chronological order. I have been attempting to do this for several years. This past year I started teaching a weekly ladies' Bible class and that has taken quite a bit of study for me. Hopefully I can continue on my daily Bible reading schedule more now that I have those lessons pretty well planned out.

Each year I always attempt to be more productive in my house work and each year I begin with a lot of plans and then as the year goes on and I get more behind, I tend to let that fall by the wayside also. This year I hope to keep to a better schedule.

As I get older, I tend to not do as much physical work as I have in the past. I expect that will happen this year also. I do have a couple of quilts I want to get quilted in the next year. I probably won't be starting as many as I have in past years. I do like to see pretty quilts and have them around me.

The new year is a time for us to make plans for that year's work and hopefully we can all carry them out.

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