Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Amaryllis Plant Plans

These are pictures of what my amaryllis blooms looked like. I really liked the red blooms, but the white ones were pretty too. I look forward to babying these bulbs through the spring and summer and trying to get them to bloom again next winter. I need to repot the bulbs, but that will come in the fall, after they have been outside or on the back porch all summer.
The bulbs are growing green blades now. I keep the pot raised up to the window so the bulbs can get some sunshine. This has been an interesting experiment for me with these bulbs. I'll keep you posted on how they progress through the summer.
I do have the next block of the month quilt material. I'll get some pics posted when I get more of it together. This is the border that goes around the quilt. The border is 6 inch square blocks. The pieces are nearly all Half Square Triangles, which takes time to put together.

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