Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Amaryllis Plant

My amaryllis flowers are all gone now. My aim is to keep the green spikes growing. I am fertilizing it like the directions said to do. When spring comes with warm weather it will go outside to soak up lots of sunshine and good rain. Rain is always better for our plants, than tap water that most of the time has chemicals in it.

My poinsettia from this year is still nice and red. The one I saved from last year, is still sitting in the window. It never bloomed. It may yet though. It still has one leaf that is pink from last year.

I love blooming flowers in the house during the winter, but I don't like to have to care for them. I have a huge corn plant that I got for my mother-in-law back in the early 70's. About that time she had a really bad heart attack and was not taking care of her plants after that. Dad G told me if I did not take that cornplant home with me, he would throw it out. He was not a houseplants person. So I brought it home, repotted it and it has grown ever since. When it grows to the place that it touches the ceiling, I cut the stalks back. Two more will come wherever at stalk is cut. You can put the stalks that are cut off in water and root them and plant them and have more cornplants. I think the cornplant is one house plant that you can ignore, not feed, and it will just keep on growing. Usually when I forget to water it for several weeks, it will bloom. Not pretty blooms, but blooms with a sickeningly sweet odor. The blooms also drip "honey" from them. I usually cut them off when they start dripping. I cannot get those drips off my carpet.

My Easter flowers (Jonquils) are up probably 5 inches now. I can see my neighbors bulb flowers are up also. Maybe we can wish for an early spring??

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